Webinar: Investing Intentionally at the Systems Level

Date:  August 23rd, 2017, 1:00-2:00 EDT

In this webinar, William Burckart, President and COO of The Investment Integration Project (TIIP), and Jessica Ziegler, Associate Director of Research at TIIP, will discuss the “systems-level,” context of institutional investor’s investment decisions, and review data and tools that enable institutional investors to make the important connection between portfolio-level decisions and systems-level considerations. 

We will focus on a new report titled "Effective Investing for the Long Term: Intentionality at Systems Levels", written by Steve Lydenberg, William Burckart, and Jessica Ziegler of TIIP.  This report examines the strategies that more and more investors are utilizing intentionally to balance efficiency in maximizing returns with maintaining the resilience of the environmental, societal, and financial systems that are the ultimate source of this wealth creation. We will also tour TIIP’s research portal and database of investor profiles.




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