Workshop: Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Belonging

October 6, 2022



This highly interactive 90-minute workshop on unconscious bias in hiring and belonging fostered a conversation about what gets in our way when it comes to hiring for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and more importantly how to mitigate against our inherent biases. We readily acknowledge that it would defy human nature to rid ourselves our biases because as humans are wired in that way. The Workshop was a “laboratory” in which participants learned how to:

  • Understand what unconscious is and where it stems from
  • Be mindful of the potential impact of unconscious bias
  • Understand the different types of biases that can show up in a candidate’s hiring process
  • Utilize tactics to mitigate the impact of unconscious biases
  • Ask your questions: what works, what doesn’t
  • Avoid common interviewing pitfalls
  • Apply a sense of belonging by aligning uniqueness and belonging
  • Understand what belonging is and why it’s important to foster

The purpose of this workshop was to

  • Gain insights into the impact of inclusion and the extent to which one is inclusive (or exclusive)
  • Foster a sense of belonging where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work and thrive
  • Learn practical skills and tools for being more inclusive and identify how these can be used in one’s own work context
  • Practice the skills in a diverse and safe environment
  • Craft a plan of actionable steps based on the Inclusive Leadership Behaviors that fosters psychological safety work, and inclusive work environment

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 Demetriouse Russell, CEO, Venn Diagram Partners, LLC

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