Brenda Morris

Brenda Morris, Founder of Humane Investing, Investment Advisor Representative of First Affirmative Financial Network

As a vegan Certified Financial Planner, Brenda encourages everyone to consider "humane investing" when selecting investments.  She has presented to animal activists around the county including to groups such as the Vegetarian Society of Richmond, the Sierra Club, the Femme Savantes, the alumni for the College of William and Mary, Caryn Hartglass's radio show, Responsible Eating and Living, graduates of Victoria Moran's Main Street Vegan Academy, Katrina Fox’s Vegan Business Media podcast, the DC Green Festival, the NH VegFest, PETA, Northrop Grumman's Green Volunteer Group, Portland's Veg Festival, and the NYC Green Festival.  She is determined to raise the bar for funds that are purportedly "sustainable" and "ethical" as she believes strongly that such funds should consider animal rights and animal welfare in their investment process. 

Brenda A. Morris is an investment advisor representative of First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC, a nationwide network of investment professionals specializing in socially and environmentally responsible investing.



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