Carbon Neutrality: Maximum Ambition for Aligning Campus, Endowment, and Community Commitments

Pursue Neutrality: Hear from University of California President Michael Drake, Chief Investment Officer Jagdeep Bachher, and other leaders about the next generation of carbon neutrality commitments

Some key takeaways from this session:

  • Covid has shown us that we must address climate and inequality in an integrated fashion - and that we must all get comfortable with change. Don’t wait for policy changes from government or Board committees, start by making change from within today
  • In order to make substantial change endowments must make intentional decisions to pursue sustainable investing; it is also a way to do well while doing good.  Fossil free strategies have performed very well, and there has been a seachange amongst third party investment managers to embrace ESG investing in the last 5 years. 
  • For funding campus climate action - reinvest savings from energy efficiency into further emissions reductions - but funding for large-scale infrastructure remains a challenge.


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