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Invest with Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs)

Community Loan funds and Community Development Finance Institutions offer endowments cash or fixed income like investments that have a positive impact on the surrounding community.  They have a risk/return profile that can make investments suitable for the fixed income or cash portfolio dependent on the tenor of the note or CD.  When used as a cash investment, endowments may want to consider laddering investments as the loans made generally have a 1 - 10 year tenor and these investments cannot be sold on the public market.

  • Step 2: Evaluate and Invest
    • Many CDFI's are rated by an organization called Aeris which rates both the financial stability and impact of the organization. A few have been rated by Standard & Poors rating agency.

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Sample Investment Policy Statements 

  • 🔐 Sample Sustainable Investing Policies: You can see a comprehensive list of sample policies curated by IEN.[member only resource]


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