IEN Community Investing Roundtable Videos


Panel: What is Community Impact Investing?

On this panel, we explored the definition of community investing with panelists Deborah Frieze (Founder and President, Boston Impact Initiative) and Elyse Cherry (Chief Executive Officer, Boston Community Capital), facilitated by Tom Mitchell (Managing Director, Cambridge Associates). Discussions centered around the power of community investing in the context of increasing wealth disparity in this country, the possibility of earning a market-rate financial return while generating positive impact in local communities, and the idea of leveraging a spectrum of asset classes to generate social and financial returns investors require.




  • Deborah Frieze, Founder and President, Boston Impact Initiative
  • Elyse Cherry, Chief Executive Officer, Boston Community Capital
  • Moderator: Tom Mitchell, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates


Panel: What Might Community Investing look Like for a College Endowment?

On this panel, Kate Dumas (Principal/Consultant, Prime Buchholz) invited Erik Gross (Board Treasurer, UNH Foundation) and John Hamilton (Vice President of Economic Opportunity, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund) to illustrate what community investing might look like for a college endowment. Both gave accounts on how their partnership came to be and how the two institutions are working together to create resilient communities in New Hampshire.




  • Erik Gross, Board Treasurer, UNH Foundation
  • John Hamilton, Vice President of Economic Opportunity, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund
  • Moderator: Kate D. Dumas, CFA, Principal/Consultant, Prime Buchholz


Fireside Chat: The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Story

On this panel, we heard from Michael Wilson, the CFO and Vice President of Finance of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, who leads the foundation’s impact investing program. Michael Hokenson (Co-Founder and Partner, Community Investment Management) guided the discussion to delve deeper into the specifics of how the foundation has created a portfolio of local impact investments from finding deal flow to creating a model to identify attractive investments.




  • Michael Wilson, CFO,and Vice President of Finance, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • Moderator: Michael Hokenson, Co-Founder & Partner, Community Investment Management




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