Dmitry Fotiyev

Dmitry Fotiyev, Managing Partner, Brightmore Capital

Dmitriy Fotiyev is a Managing Partner at Brightmore Capital, a multi-sector impact investment fund and advisory group empowering the new generation of African entrepreneurs. Dmitry’s experience includes new venture development, private equity, equity/debt financing, and corporate strategy.

Brightmore Capital fills a financing gap for SMEs in some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economies of the world and invests in a segment that is under-served by banks and other sources of private financing. The firm is a source of smart capital in the 500k to 5MM EUR range, bringing transformational expertise to the businesses we inverst in.

Prior to Brightmore Capital, Mr. Fotiyev worked at The Carlyle Group, one of the world's largest private equity firms, managing a number of vehicles across global markets. Dmitry’s experience at Carlyle involved launching new business capabilities, integrating operations of acquired fund units, transforming the investor relations function, and corporate governance initiatives. Prior to Carlyle, Mr. Fotiyev was a consultant at Accenture, advising clients on a range of issues including corporate strategy, operations management, and information technology.

Mr. Fotiyev has a deep understanding of the private equity industry and VC/PE investments in Sub-Saharan Africa coupled with knowledge of the impact investing space and what it takes to maximize, scale, and measure economic and social benefits. His focus is improving the lives of emerging consumers while generating strong investment returns.



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