Glen K. Yelton

IMG_20150914_120852__7543_.jpgGlen K. Yelton, VP and Head of Impact Research, SNW Asset Management

Glen K. Yelton joined SNW Asset Management in 2015 as the Head of Impact Research. Over the past decade and a half Glen has been heavily involved in the ESG/Impact investing industry, spending the last 10 years managing the ESG research program at IW Financial. Prior to that experience, Glen oversaw the development and operation of a registered investment advisor’s research program focusing on ESG data collection. Glen has provided competitive intelligence research for a variety of Fortune 100 clients in a wide range of industries including consumer products, automotive and technology. He also served as an interrogator in the United States Army and as a key participant in the development of several business intelligence and corporate information database-driven software products. Mr. Yelton received his B.S. degree from East Tennessee State University.

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