Hampshire College Case Study

Many educational institutions are grappling with the question of how to align their endowment’s investment holdings with their missions as thought leaders and socially responsible institutions.

Hampshire College has spent considerable time and effort in this area and has taken action to accomplish two objectives: aligning its endowment with its mission and incorporating its emphasis on sustainability with how its endowment is invested.

This case study details Hampshire’s background and why it decided to go down this path, how the college accomplished these goals, the challenges it faced, and its achievements in undertaking this effort.


Download the case study here.

Read the press release here.


This case study was developed by the Intentional Endowments Network staff with significant input from the senior leadership from Hampshire College and their investment advisors at Prime Buchholz. Special thanks to the authors and contributors (in alphabetical order): 

  • Alison Banks, Intern, Intentional Endowments Network and Student, Dartmouth College
  • David Dinerman, Former Trustee and Investment Committee Chair, Hampshire College
  • Alice DonnaSelva, Investment Consultant, Prime Buchholz & Associates
  • Georges Dyer, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network
  • Nicole Harman, Program Manager, Intentional Endowments Network
  • Dick Hurd, Trustee and Investment Committee Chair, Hampshire College
  • Jonathan Lash, President Hampshire College





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