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The purpose of the Intentional Endowments Network listserv is to create a platform for information exchange through the engagement of key leaders and stakeholders in the higher education, business, and non-profit sectors in order to facilitate discussions and promote opportunities for education and training, peer networking, and convening surrounding economic, social, and environmental responsibility. 


The intended audience is decision makers and stakeholders involved with various aspects of the endowment investing system, including higher education presidents, business officers, trustees, investment committee members, students, alumni, faculty and staff, foundation officers, NGO executives and board members, investment professionals, and others. 

How to Post

  • Anytime you'd like to start a new post on the listserv, just send an email to [email protected].

  • You may also respond to other’s postings by clicking "reply all" to the email sent, such responses will go to the full listserv. To reply only to the sender, click "reply" and do not include the "[email protected]" email in your response. 

General Use Guidelines

  • Appropriate Audience. Postings to the listserv should address the group at large rather than individuals specifically.

  • No Sales. Postings should not focus on selling products or services. While the subject matter may at times call for references to products or services, such references should focus on education about the field of sustainable investing and not sales. 

  • Topicality. Discussions should be topical to Intentional Endowment Network’s stated mission. Do not post personal messages or commercial advertisements.

  • Informative and relevant to the whole group. Relevant and informative news, events, and resources, as well as specific questions or requests for assistance should be addressed to the group at large. If, however, the nature of responses engages the original poster specifically, strongly consider answering such calls via personal correspondence.

  • Professional Decorum. Professional, respectful language in listserv posts is expected from all members.  



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