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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Endowment Investing Group

A forum to learn, collaborate, and participate in an active discussion on how endowments can consider diversity, equity and inclusion factors at all levels of the investment process. To post to this group, email [email protected].



Sustainable & Impact Investing Learning & Knowledge (SIILK) Group

A forum connecting students, faculty, administrators, trustees, and financial professionals on campuses across the country that are involved with student-managed funds and sustainable investing curriculum development. Participants share best practices, resources, curricula, and undertake other activities to support sustainable investing funds and education. To post to this group, email [email protected].



Shareholder Engagement Group

A listserv that engages endowments on how to effectively use their rights as corporate share owners to engage portfolio companies on governance and sustainability concerns about accountability, transparency, the environment and social justice. To post to this group, email [email protected].



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