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IEN Working Groups meet regularly to advance key strategies in support of the network's goals. Below, is a brief description of the current Working Groups.  Some are intended to be long-standing, while others form around specific tasks for a short period of time. If you are interested in participating in existing Working Groups, or forming new ones, please contact us


Fiduciary Duty & Policy

Developing documents and other vehicles to clarify for higher education trustees how sustainable investing strategies relate to their fiduciary duties, designed for audiences of trustees, presidents, CIO's, and CFO's.

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Trustee Peer Learning Group

Connecting trustees to create opportunities for peer-to-peer learning among college and university fiduciaries on sustainable investing.

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Sustainable & Impact Investing Learning and Knowledge (SIILK)

The SIILK Network connects student-managed fund advisors, academics focused on sustainable investing, and students involved in student-managed funds to share best practices and resources to advance sustainable investing curriculum and strategies in each fund.

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Shareholder Engagement 

Developing a strategy to share information with endowments on how to effectively use their rights as corporate share owners to engage portfolio companies on governance and sustainability concerns about accountability, transparency, the environment and social justice.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Educating and supporting endowments in considering diversity, equity, and inclusion factors at all levels of the investment process.

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Gender Lens Investing 

This working group aims to educate and connect college and university endowments as they look to incorporate gender lens investing factors in all levels of the investment process.

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To see a list of IEN's past Working Groups, click here.

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