Sign-on to Investor Statements

Periodically investor groups coordinate public statements or letters in support of various initiatives or policies related to ESG issues and other materials investment considerations. IEN shares these statements here as opportunities for endowments to add their names and offer support, at their own discretion.

If you have any questions or would like more information on / to be connected with the organizer(s) of any opportunities below, reach out to [email protected]

2022 Highlighted Sign-On & Voting Opportunities

SEC Climate Disclosure Sign-On Statement

Deadline: June 17th, 2022

Sign-On to indicate your support of climate change disclosure rule making by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to ensure consistent, comparable, and decision-useful information. 

IEN SEC Comment Letter Template

Join other IEN members in submitting an individual comment letter indicating your support of climate change disclosure rule making by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Letters will be accepted through June 17th, and you can use this comment letter template for guidance.

2022 Global Investor Sign-On Statement

Every year, The Investor Agenda launches a Global Investor Statement with investor signatories that urges governments around the world to rapidly implement priority policy actions that will enable them to invest the trillions needed to respond to the climate crisis. Learn more about what’s in this year’s statement and how to sign-on, by contacting us.

Bank and Insurance Company Resolutions Calling for “No Financing/Underwriting for New Fossil Fuel Development"

Deadline: See Link for AGM Dates

See the link above for 2022 proposals filed by ICCR members with U.S. banks and insurance companies. The proposals ask for the companies to ensure that their financing activities are consistent with achieving the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) net-zero greenhouse gas emissions scenario by 2050, (or in the case of some with insurance companies, to measure, disclose and reduce GHG emissions in line with a 1.5 degree C target). Investor leads and AGM dates are included.

2022 Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guides

The 2022 corporate annual general meeting season has begun, and that means it's time to vote your proxy ballots. Votes in favor of shareholder resolutions in the double digits are very successful in focusing management and investor attention on issues. You can learn more about the shareholder resolutions process here. You can find resolution and voting guides for the 2022 season listed below.

Proxy Preview

ICCR 2022 Resolutions Tracker

Climate Action 100+ Related Shareholder Engagements

Majority Action Proxy Voting Guide

Ceres Engagement Tracker

Ongoing Sign-On Opportunities

Sign the Belonging Pledge: Commit to Advancing Racial Equity 

IEN is pleased to partner with Confluence Philanthropy to support the Belonging Pledge. The events of spring 2020 will be chronicled as the next milestone in the fight for racial justice and equality. A global pandemic, resulting in unemployment for 40 million Americans, followed by yet another brutal death at the hands of police officers set off a wave of protests and civil unrest in more than 75 U.S. cities. In response, Confluence Members and partnering investor networks launched a pledge for racial equity.

Due Diligence 2.0

Join asset owners, consultants, and financial intermediaries to commit to moving your capital to BIPOC managers. Sign on here

EndowmentWatch Pledge 

Join other endowments in increasing the assets under management for people of color and women owned firms through disclosure and working with your investment consultants and managers. Make the pledge here

Statement: Investors release statement of solidarity and call to action to address systemic racism

A group of investors from the Racial Justice Investing (RJI) Coalition have released a statement of solidarity and call to action to address systemic racism. The statement acknowledges the roots of systemic racism and the responsibilities of the investment community, and identifies specific strategies our community can use to dismantle systemic racism. Read the full statement and sign on to signal your support.


Past Sign-On Opportunities

Please visit the past sign-on opportunities page to review older letters and statements, and the endowment signatories. 



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