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Impax Asset Management has a commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. They are dedicated to stimulating investment in the environment and efficiency. They focus their investments on a "small number of deeply researched global equity strategies across alternative energy, energy efficiency, water, waste, food and agriculture related markets". 


Resources from Impax Asset Management:

  • Just too complex? Addressing biodiversity loss and the role of investors | Impax Asset Management, February 2022

    • Given nature’s critical role in underpinning our health and prosperity, there is no time to waste in reversing its destruction. Here, Impax Asset Management explains how we can begin to tackle the biodiversity crisis and the important part that investors can play.

  • Climate change investment risk Update on the “Smart Carbon” methodology | Impax Asset Management, April 2017
    • Impax has been running three model portfolios based on modifications to the MSCI World Index, which reduce Exploration and Production (“E&P”) exposure to varying degrees, and in order to preserve energy price (factor) exposure, replace it with Energy Efficiency stocks. In this paper they report on the model’s continuing development and discuss why, over the past 18 months, reinvesting fossil fuel exposure in energy efficiency exposed equities has outperformed a “do nothing” approach. Since inception, the model portfolios have performed slightly better than the market with the full divestment option performing delivering a return of 45bps in excess of the “do nothing” MSCI World index, with limited impact on tracking error. 

  • Investing in Water: Tapping into a Source of Resilient Growth l Impax Asset Management, November 2016
    • The water opportunity is surprisingly diverse and resilient with risk characteristics comparable to equity markets. It runs through the global economy; across many end markets, sectors and regions. Water also provides attractive opportunities through the full economic cycle encompassing both defensive and cyclical businesses.This paper highlights some of the interesting new developments and technologies in the rapidly growing water industry. It discusses the drivers of this market, catalysts for further change and the impact of tightening global water and water-related regulations.
  • Mapping the Gap: The Road from Paris l Finance Paths for a 2-degree Future l Impax Asset Management, January 2016
    • This report was the culmination of a 6 month effort to project out the potential investment challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us in our clean energy future out to 2040.  The final report was done with Bloomberg New Energy Finance and funded by Ceres, Climate Works, and other sponsors.  
  • Climate Change: Now Risk Not Uncertainty l Impax Asset Management, June 2015
    • Recent developments in science and policy have had a major impact on the climate change issue, recasting it as a risk rather than an uncertainty, thereby facilitating the use of traditional investment management tools, particularly asset allocation.  Developments in energy efficiency markets have created options for investors to mitigate some of the risks implied by divestment.

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