Student Conference for Corporate Responsibility

On April 13-14,2019, The Intentional Endowments Network co-hosted The Student Conference for Corporate Responsibility with The Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund at Yale University. This conference convened undergraduate and graduate students and faculty involved in running student-managed funds across the country, with the goal of broadening students' understanding of both sustainable finance and shareholder engagement. 



Date & Time: 9:00 a.m. Saturday, April 13th, 2019 - 1:00 p.m. Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Location: Yale University

Audience: Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, that are involved in running student-managed funds across the country. The program will be designed primarily for participants who are interested in pursuing shareholder engagement on some level in their fund and looking to learn about engagement opportunities and how best to implement or advance such strategies. 

Format: One the first day, the format will be highly interactive, with brief presentations from expert speakers or panels to deliver content and seed conversation, integrated with significant time spent in small-group dialogue sessions at round tables. The second day will be entirely dedicated to action planning with a focus on peer learning and coalition building to advance shareholder engagement opportunities within student-managed funds.



About The Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund at Yale University

The Dwight Hall SRI Fund is an undergraduate-run student organization that manages $160,000 of the endowment of Dwight Hall, Yale University’s center for community service and the largest campus-based student-run service organization in the country.

About The Intentional Endowments Network

The Intentional Endowments Network is a peer learning network of colleges, universities, and other mission-driven institutional investors working together to achieve their risk and return objectives through investment actions that create a thriving, sustainable economy. As of March 2019, we have nearly 160 network members including endowments, asset managers, investment consultants, nonprofit partners and individuals.  

This broad-based, collaborative network focuses on creating: (1) Intentionally designed endowments, aligned with institutional mission, that will become the norm in higher education and other tax-exempt organizations, evidenced by growth in policies, practices and actions; and (2) Improved sustainability performance by businesses in response to investor concerns, evidenced by changes in corporate practices and actions.



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