Jbara and Rogers Financial Management Group at Morgan Stanley

The Jbara and Rogers Financial Management Group, a team of nine experienced financial services professionals, was founded by Executive Directors and Financial Advisors Mark J. Rogers, CIMA® and Gary W. Jbara, CIMA® CRPS®, in 1984. They advise institutional organizations, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices. Whether you are planning for the benefit of an organization or for the future of your family, they help you create a comprehensive financial strategy based on your unique investment policy.

They provide guidance for the complex issues facing foundations and endowments through Consulting Group Institutional Services, develop customized Retirement Plan Strategies such as cash balance plans and 401(k) plans for corporate clients, offer access to Family Office Services, connecting ultra high net worth investors with resources to help create family legacies, maximize family values, and enrich their lifestyle, provide our private clients with Retirement Management strategies focused on downside risk mitigation and cash flow stability, and help develop Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact platform, offering investments that aim to generate market rate returns while supporting causes important to our clients.


Resources from The Jbara and Rogers Financial Management Group at Morgan Stanley:

  • The Inclusive Growth Opportunities Index is the first of a two part study that seeks to equip investors with data-driven tools to identify sustainable investment opportunities in support of two outcomes—driving inclusive growth and mitigating climate change. Climate mitigation is addressed in a separate, forthcoming index and report, The Climate Change Mitigation Opportunities Index, expected to launch in mid-2017. As a body of work, the study offers structured analytic frameworks and dynamic benchmarking tools to help investors make informed decisions about sustainable investing opportunities through the lens of technology—a key accelerant of change.  Here is a link to the report and a link to download the tool.    
  •  The PMF Integro Fund I raised over $125 million.  This is Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s inaugural impact investing fund.  The geographically diversified fund will invest primarily in private equity funds that will maximize commercial returns to investors and increase access to quality jobs, education and healthcare, among other socially beneficial outcomes, for underserved populations. In addition, Integro targets funds that strive to impact the environment in a positive manner and reduce the effects of climate change. 
  • MS and Co. S + R Research routinely produces frameworks, research notes and ESG KPI’s for various industry sectors.  Attached is the overarching framework from which they work.  They produce regular ESG reports on industries and will occasionally report on key impact themes, such as “Putting Gender Diversity to Work: Better Fundamentals, Less Volatility” (also attached).  Please let me know if you would like me to share reports that may be of interest as they are produced.  
  • Team members of Jbara and Rodgers Financial Management Group were recently appointed to Morgan Stanley’s Impact Investing Alternatives Advisory Council.  This group of ~20 consultants/advisors has the ability to fast track research on new and innovative impact investing products, provided we have demand from an anchor client.  Once due diligence has been completed, we can offer these funds to the broader Morgan Stanley client base.  We think this is an effective way to grow adoption in the space.  I can follow up with specifics in a conference call if you are interested or know of a member in search of such a service.