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General Sustainable Investing 

About general sustainable investing topics 

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Financial Performance

Can sustainable investments achieve performance objectives? 

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Fiduciary Duty 

Can sustainable investments meet fiduciary requirements of care and diligence? 

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What Are Other Endowments Doing? 

Learn how higher education endowments are committing to sustainability 

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Resources From IEN

Read all resources written collaboratively by network members and published by The Intentional Endowments Network on topics including fiduciary duty, financial performance, clean energy, and endowment case studies

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Roadmap for Endowments

The roadmap guides investors through key steps toward creating intentionally designed endowments

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Sample Investment Policy Statements 

Sample of college and university endowment investment policy statements

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Shareholder Engagement 

Address material investment risks, improve corporate sustainability performance and support policies that move society towards sustainability through proxy voting, engaging in dialogue with companies held in the portfolio, filing or co-filing shareholder resolutions, and signing on to public investor letters or statements

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ESG Integration

Incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to reduce risk and enhance returns

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Align portfolios with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Carbon Risk and Fossil Fuel Divestment

Some colleges and universities decide to divest from specific companies, industries, products, services or countries

Sustainable Curriculum and Student Led Funds

Student-managed funds promote student leadership, advance education and real-world training, and enhance the ability of all graduates to drive sustainability solutions throughout their careers

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Impact Management

Track, manage and measure the impact of your investments 

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