Fiduciary Duty

Can sustainable investments meet fiduciary requirements of care and diligence?

The Worth of Endowments in Higher Education | Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, April 2019

Commentary: Fiduciary duty yellow flags for proxy season | Pensions & Investments, Keith Johnson, Susan Gary, and Cynthia Williams, April 2018 

Best Interests in the Long Term: Fiduciary Duties and ESG Integration| Social Science Research Network, Susan N. Gary, University of Oregon, February 2018

Leading Practice Briefing on Fiduciary Duties for Endowments and Foundations|Intentional Endowments Network, prepared by Megan Jackson and Keith Johnson at Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c., February 2017

Application of Fiduciary Duty to Sustainable Investment Practicesl Susan N. Gary (University of Oregon), Keith L. Johnson & Megan K. Jackson (Reinhart Attorneys at Law), November 2015

Evolving Fiduciary Duty of Foundations and Endowments |Reinhart Investor Alert, November, 2014

Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty - Chapter 8
l June, 2014

Chapter 16 of Sustainable Investing: The Art of Long Term Performance |“Fiduciary Duty” pdf, Stephen Viederman, 2008


VIDEO: Sustainable Investing and the Responsible Fiduciary 

Panel from the April 2014 Intentionally Designed Endowments Conference featuring:

  • Jay Youngdahl, The Youngdahl Law Firm
  • Susan Gary, University of Oregon School of Law
  • Keith Johnson, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.
  • Moderator: David Dinerman, Hampshire College Trustee


To join the discussion on fiduciary duty and policy, visit our Fiduciary Duty and Policy Working Group page.


For more resources on fiduciary duty, see here

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