Webinar: First-time Fund Managers in Emerging Markets Bring a New Model to PE in Africa

Date: July 11th, 2017 

Speak to any capital provider and they will tell you the standard private equity model is not structurally sound for the African ecosystem – as evident by the too few deals, limited human capital to run portfolio companies, and constrained levers for liquidity events. So, can the Find-Fund-Support value chain be deconstructed to build a new model for investing in Africa?

In this webinar, four first-time fund managers will discuss how they tweaked different elements across the Find, Fund and Support value chain to create a new model for investment in Africa.




  • Brendan Mullen, Managing Director, Secha Capital (South Africa)
  • Dmitry Fotiyev, Managing Partner, Brightmore Capital (Based in Senegal, targets Francophone West Africa)
  • Roeland Donckers, Co-Founder, Iungo Capital (Uganda)
  • Bryan Mezue, Founder, Banyi Ventures (Nigeria)
  • Moderator: Nicole Harman, Program Associate, Intentional Endowments Network






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