IEN 2024 Climate Solutions Series: Sunwealth

May 22, 2024 | 2 pm ET

IEN’s climate solutions series will focus on opportunities for direct, high-impact investment in climate solutions. Each conversation in this interactive series will focus on a manager or group with a perspective in the market, giving them an opportunity to share their work, what they’re seeing in the space, and explore the range of what’s possible. 

The May 2024 convening will feature market perspectives from Sunwealth, drawing on their work financing and managing solar projects that benefit diverse communities through clean power, carbon reduction, cost savings and job creation. 

Martha Buckley, Senior Manager of Investor Development, will share case studies on strategies that drive real-world social and climate impacts, and will also speak to the impacts of legislation, including the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, in transforming private markets beginning this year into 2025 and catalyzing capital for community-based projects.

This series is open to IEN Members only, and is a part of IEN's Net Zero Endowments Initiative. To learn more about the initiative or to join, please contact Aicha Ly at [email protected].




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