Amrita Sareen

Amrita Sareen (She/Her)

Senior Advisor

Amrita has spent the last few years as a senior reporter at both Institutional Investor and Pageant Media, covering the investment portfolios of foundations, endowments and defined benefit plans. She has actively covered the sustainable investing space and produced number of feature articles and roundtable discussions related to ESG investing. Most recently, she has provided freelance work to CIO magazine and has worked with other media outlets including Forbes and DuJour Magazine.

Currently she serves as a managing director at Bridge Mason Advisors, an investment risk advisory firm. Previously, she spent over 12 years within the financial services industry with a focus on capital markets and risk management advisory services for multinational corporations and institutional investors.  A majority of her banking career was with HSBC in New York marketing derivatives based solutions to hedge specific balance sheet risks. Amrita holds a dual B.S. degree in Finance and Marketing from New York University.

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