Dickinson College

Endowment Value: $472.4 million (June 2018)

Dickinson College is a private college, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In 2006, Dickinson joined the Investure consortium, an outsourced chief investment office that serves the needs of a select group of prestigious colleges and foundations. This relationship allows Dickinson to benefit from the capabilities and advantages of a larger investment office which would not be accessible to an endowment of their size. In 2010, Investure created a Sustainable Series within its Global Equity Fund in response to requests made by clients. A joint effort with Investure also produced a set of proxy voting principles so that Dickinson College may also have access to shareholder engagement with regards to its socially responsible investing. 

In addition to its relationship with Investure, the Dickinson Sustainability Investment Group (DSIG) also advises the Endowment board on ESG strategies and is also responsible for providing a forum for the Dickinson community to raise and discuss questions regarding ESG investing practices. The most recent forum was held in October 2018 to discuss the college’s endowment structure and approach to sustainable investing. 

Dickinson College is a participant or member of the following Initiatives & Commitments: 

Other Sustainable Investing Practices:

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