Facilitating Dialogue

More resources on facilitating dialogue and building consensus can be found here.

"How We Created an Outside-the-Box SRI Conference"| by Barbara Simonetti, GreenBiz, June 5, 2014. Description of how to design an interactive, participant-driven stakeholder engagement meeting

Meetings that Matter, Conversations that Connect - Getting Started| by Barbara Simonetti, 2013

National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation| Nearly 3,000 free resources related to facilitating engagement processes

Webinar:  Mission-Aligned Investing: What New Positive Deviance Research Can Tell Us About What Moves Institutional Investors to Action: March 2017

  • Research findings related to mission-aligned investing, leadership, and the decision-making process to divest from fossil fuels by philanthropic organizations with assets under management from $5 million to $1 billion
  • What factors supported decision makers in moving to mission-aligned investing while simultaneously exercising their fiduciary duty to steward institutional assets
  • How the divestment decision affected the decision makers personally and their organization 


Presentation slides

Abrash Walton, A. (2016) Positive Organizational Leadership and Pro-Environmental Behavior: The Phenomenon of Institutional Fossil Fuel DivestmentDissertations & Theses. Paper 269. http://aura.antioch.edu/etds/269


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