Florida Oyster Company

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The Florida Oyster Trading Company (FOTC) will commercialize commercial
aquaculture by providing authentic, craft, farm-to-table oysters from multiple
Florida bays and estuaries, offering a variety of brands of oysters that are no
longer available in their respective historic volumes. The innovative
production model decentralizes the current industry structure to not only
scale production internally but also provides communal resources to small,
family-owned, local farmers to contribute to overall industry growth through
the Cluster model.

In addition to the advantages of the business model, FOTC promotes the
ecological benefits of oyster aquaculture – there is no feed input, minimal
environmental impact, and oysters mitigate nutrient loading, nitrogen input,
and carbon footprints of the local communities. Already one of the largest
lease holders on the Gulf of Mexico, FOTC will be in prime position when the
state of Florida establishes the Nutrient Credit Trading industry. This will be
accomplished by prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion and creating
opportunities for underserved communities.



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