Gender Lens Investing

Learning the Basics: 

Read through a quick guide to some fundamental concepts in investing for gender lens investing: 

Gender Lens Investing: A Primer for College and University Endowments

Explores the link between value creation and gender diverse companies; highlights the rising trend of colleges and universities moving towards mission-aligned investing; and outlines a diverse range of tools and investment strategies available to decision makers as they consider the integration of gender lens products in endowments.

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Gender Lens Investing Landscape: Barriers & Opportunities 

IEN approached thought leaders within the Gender Lens Investing space to get their outlook on the associated risks and opportunities, real-life examples of such risks and opportunities and perspective on how gender lens investing relates to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, including the gender-climate nexus. 

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Gender Lens Investing: The Business Case, Opportunities, and Action

Panelists explore why we should be investing more in women, how investors can make an impact when it comes to gender diversity, and the role we can play in closing the gender gap.

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IEN Curated Resources: 

Publications & articles

A library of publications and articles IEN has developed on gender lens investing

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Webinars and online workshops 

Recordings of webinars that IEN has hosted on gender lens investing

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Collection of thought leadership by network members and partners on gender lens investing

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IEN Working Groups and Initiatives 

Join IEN's Working Groups focused on advancing gender lens 

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Partner Resources: 

Resources from our partners

Other articles, white papers, and resources on gender equality & gender lens investing

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