IEN 2024 Climate Solutions Series: Fixed Income and Climate Solutions | Breckinridge Capital

February 27 | 2 pm ET

IEN’s climate solutions series will focus on opportunities for direct, high-impact investment in climate solutions. Each conversation in this interactive series will focus on a manager or group with a perspective in the market, giving them an opportunity to share their work, what they’re seeing in the space, and explore the range of what’s possible. 

The February 2024 call featured perspectives from IEN Member Breckinridge Capital Advisors. Breckinridge is a Boston-based, independently owned investment advisor specializing in investment-grade fixed-income portfolio management, and spoke to opportunities in fixed income and provide its market views on related climate solutions. 

This series is open to IEN Members only, and is a part of IEN's Net Zero Endowments Initiative. To learn more about the initiative or to join, please contact Aicha Ly at [email protected].




 Joshua Stein, CFA, Senior Research Analyst, Breckinridge








 Tim Coffin
, Director of Sustainability, Breckinridge

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