Establish Investment Policy

Once consensus has been reached about what it means for an institution to align its endowments with its mission,  the next step is to formalize this understanding into a statement that will serve as a living guideline for those responsible for managing the endowment assets. The statement should set clear goals and objectives related to sustainable investing which are linked to the mission of your institution.  


Guidance from IEN and others

The Paris Agreement in the Investment Policy: Sample Language for Integrating the Goals of the Paris Climate Agreement into an IPS  Intentional Endowments Network, June 2017

Considerations for ESG Policy Development Intentional Endowments Network, June 2017

Applying Mission Focus to Your Investment Policy Statement Through ESG Investing Trillium Asset Management, June 2017

Sample ESG Investment Policy Statement FEG, January 2018

Sample Investment Policy Statement Rider for Responsible Investing Commonfund, February 2016 


Specific IPS language for incorporating ESG into the investment process:

ESG Language Excerpts from Endowment Investment Policy Statements Intentional Endowments Network, March 2018


Investment Manager Diversification Policies

Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension Plan -  Emerging Managers Policy - October 2014

The Chicago Community Trust Statement of Investment Policy - 2018, Full Investment Policy Statement that includes Investment Management Diversification Policy

Rockefeller Brothers Fund - Aligning Investments with our Mission: Diversifying Investment Managers - March 2020


🔐Sample Sustainable Investing Policies

Some endowments embed their sustainable or ESG investing policy throughout their IPS while others create a separate statement. You can see a list of sample policies curated by IEN. [member only resource]



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