Establish Investment Policy

Once consensus has been reached about what it means for an institution to align its endowments with its mission, the next step is to formalize this understanding into a statement that will serve as a living guideline for those responsible for managing the endowment assets. The statement should set clear goals and objectives related to sustainable investing which are linked to the mission of your institution.


1. Review and Share General Guidance on Policy Development

If your current Investment Committee or Board have not previously developed or updated an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), you will want to start with general agreement on why it is important to include your ESG, sustainability, and/or mission-alignment perspective in the IPS. Here are two resources that can help you frame a policy development process:


2. Draw Relevant Concepts and Language from Examples of Policy Statements that Incorporate ESG into the Investment Process

Some endowments embed their sustainable or ESG investing policy throughout their IPS while others create a separate statement. Once you are at the stage of drafting your IPS or sustainable investing statement, it may be helpful to review language that other peer institutions have already used. Here are resources that can support many different approaches to incorporating sustainable investing principles in an IPS: 


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