Iridian Asset Management LLC

Iridian is a small and midcap investment manager serving institutional and high net worth investors for more than 30 years. We invest in companies undergoing meaningful corporate change, such as a change in management, restructuring, recapitalization, or industry change. We apply fundamental bottom-up research to evaluate the return potential of the change in question. Change can happen anywhere, which leads to idiosyncratic portfolios generally uncorrelated with other investments.

In 2022 we seeded the Iridian Global Impact Fund ("IGI"), which focuses on the "industry change" aspect of our philosophy. All potential investments are first evaluated along seven "impact vectors" - 360, Education, Financial Inclusion, Food & Water, Health, Mobility, and Power. Only companies with the bulk of their business focused on driving improvement along one of these vectors is considered for investment. We then apply our proven process for assessing return potential and risk to build the portfolio.


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