Jonathan Scott

jon_s.pngJonathan D. Scott, Veritable, LP. Trustee, Hampshire College

Jonathan Scott is a senior member of the management team at Veritable, LP, whose origins go back to 1986.  Veritable is an SEC registered investment advisor providing objective after-tax investment consulting to more than 200 families with approximately $11.6 billion dollars.  Jonathan created the Family Wealth Management business at PNC Bank in 1993 and was instrumental in PNC’s acquisition of Stolper & Co. in 1997.  This eventually led to the creation of Veritable when PNC sold the practice to management in 2004.  Earlier in his career, Jonathan specialized in the valuation, management and/or disposition of closely held businesses and other illiquid assets in trusts and estates. He serves as the Treasurer and is a Trustee for The National Recreation Foundation and as a Director of The Finance Company of Pennsylvania, a closely held investment company. Jonathan holds a B.A. from Hampshire College, where he was a member of the college’s first class.  He was a trustee of the college for 8 years and as the head of the investment committee, was responsible for the team that drafted and implemented the current ESG investment policy.

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