Program Agenda

The following draft agenda is subject to change based on feedback from invited participants. To provide your feedback, please email responses to the following questions to [email protected]

  1. What are your burning questions on this topic?
  2. What, if any, unique information or expertise might you have to contribute to this conversation?  (none is required, we just want to have a sense of the expertise in the room)
  3. Please complete this sentence: “This meeting will be successful if at its conclusion I…”


Saturday, February 21

9:00 AM                Registration opens

10:00 AM              Welcome Remarks

10:15 AM              Keynote Address

10:45 AM              Context Setting and Dialogue Session

11:10 AM              BREAK

11:20 AM              Panel: Bringing the Whole Campus Into the Conversation

12:00 PM              Lunch Keynote

12:30 PM              Dialogue over lunch: Your Campus Conversation 

1:00 PM                Panel: Sustainable Investing - Background, Tools, and Obstacles

1:45 PM                Dialogue Session

2:05 PM                BREAK 

3:15 PM                Panel: Investing in Solutions 

4:15 PM                Action Planning

5:30 PM                Closing Remarks and Next Steps 

5:45 PM                BREAK

6:00 - 7:30 PM      Networking reception



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