Ownership Capital

Ownership Capital is a fundamental, long-term equity investment manager that combines fundamental company analysis with ESG integration and active engagement to achieve superior returns. The strategy was founded in 2008 by CIO Alex van der Velden as an in-house portfolio within the Dutch pension fund PGGM, and in 2013 spun-out to provide its investment services to other pension funds, foundations, and endowments around the world.
Investment Philosophy
We believe asset managers should act as owners, not traders. We create value by identifying high-quality companies and engaging directly with them to encourage long-term improvements to their business.
We are convinced that high-quality companies with the best corporate citizenship will also be the most profitable over the long term. This is even more so with increased pressure from social media, which means companies are now more publicly accountable than ever. Therefore, we fully integrate sustainability-related risks (including environmental, social and governance risks) into our financial framework.
Our view is that engagement is particularly effective if undertaken over the long-term in partnership with management. We therefore invest and engage with a ten-year investment horizon, which we believe is unique among public equity managers.
Our focused portfolio allows us to gain a deeper understanding of investee companies and engage with some of the world's leading management teams.
We help pension funds and endowments meet their fiduciary responsibility to act in the long-term interests of their beneficiaries and invest across generations by engaging with the companies they own to enhance their long-term risk-adjusted returns. Our Dutch pension fund heritage means we understand the unique challenges facing asset owners with long-term liabilities and our track record demonstrates that we have a history of delivering consistent performance to meet and exceed those obligations.

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