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Radiant was formed with the vision of creating a women-led, diverse-owned investment firm focused on giving clients the very best ESG anchored portfolios in asset management by investing in sustainable companies and being an advocate for positive change in the industry.


We bring the DNA of one of the recognized pioneers in quantitative investing, enhanced by a fresh, entrepreneurial perspective attuned to today’s institutional marketplace. Our team has a history of delivering outperforming ESG-integrated public equity investment solutions. Our investment edge lies at the intersection of state-of-the-art ESG and Impact analysis, the depth and breadth of its evaluation of company fundamentals, and innovative deployment of data and technology.


We combine our assessment of Positive Change companies, driven by our proprietary ESG Mosaic framework, with a contextual fundamental model to build small/mid cap, core equity and thematic strategies aligned to the UNSDGs. The focus on sustainability and real-economy outcomes aims to deliver positive long-term results for clients.


Our experience has shown that harnessing diverse backgrounds leads to more considered decisions, enhanced governance, and better results. There is a strong commitment to a culture which promotes authenticity, positivity, inclusion, collaboration, creativity, partnership, transparency, advocacy, and stakeholder alignment.


It is our ambition to lead the ‘next-generation’ of sustainability focused investing with an experienced team of investment professionals from different backgrounds and perspectives, united in the belief that ESG considerations have economic implications and the power to drive needed innovation and change for societies around the world.


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