IEN's Session at Belonging Townhall Meeting

Date & Time: September 28, 2:35pm ET 


Hosted by our partners at Confluence Philanthropy, the Belonging Town Hall will further explore the "Belonging Pledge" - made by investors representing over $1.8 trillion in assets to put racial equity investing on the agenda of the next Investment Committee meeting - and how this commitment can lead to action. 

IEN will be hosting a session on How Endowments Can Talk to Their Advisors/OCIOs about Racial Equity, featuring our Primer on Racial Equity Investing for Endowments.

One of the ways in which investors can leverage their assets and power to advance racial equity is to ask their OCIOs, advisors, and investment managers about their approach to diversity and inclusion internally and in the investment process. Starting with questions and evaluating the quality of the answers is a good way to advance the learning process. In this session, panelists will speak on how endowments can approach the conversation with their advisors/OCIOs and asset managers, how advisors/OCIOs can provide a better pathway to racial equity investing for endowments, and how all investors can deploy more capital behind people of color.


  • Pedro Henriques Da Silva, Global Endowment Management 
  • Kaede Kawauchi, Intentional Endowments Network 
  • Angela Matheny, Colonial Consulting
  • Anthony Rust, Warren Wilson College
  • Randy Strickland, Cornerstone Capital 

This event is only open to signatories of The Belonging PledgePlease contact [email protected] for information on signing this Pledge. 

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