The Diverse Investing Collective at the Tara Health Foundation

2021 Grantees


The Diverse Investing Collective is an initiative to place more women and people of color at financial decision-making tables investing more assets.

Through Tara Health Foundation founder Ruth Shaber's extensive research on the importance of women in financial decision-making roles (as shared in her book The XX Edge), we have found that bringing more women and other historically marginalized people into active and decision-making roles in finance is not only the right thing to do—it's the smart thing to do.

When financial institutions embrace diverse leadership and teams, they are more likely to see higher returns. That's why we have set a bold goal to increase the portion of assets under management managed by gender-diverse teams to 33% by 2033: 33 by 33.

The Diverse Investing Collective

The XX Edge, By Ruth Shaber, Founder, Tara Health Foundation --Revealing the importance of placing women at the center of investing as agents and active leaders.--

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