Voting Your Values with As You Vote

September 29, 2022


Join us for a brief presentation on a new ESG aligned proxy voting service -- As You Vote, to hear examples of colleges and universities currently using the service and the impact they're having through their votes, and to ask questions and engage in conversation on next steps.

Shareholder voting is underutilized among higher education endowments, despite the fact that it is a viable way to make an impact. Proxy voting allows investors to influence corporate policy on a host of issues, including racial equity, climate justice, CEO pay, gender equality, and political spending.

To raise awareness around the importance of proxy voting and encourage it among endowments, the Intentional Endowments Network has partnered with As You Sow, Confluence Philanthropy, and Broadridge to launch As You Vote. As You Vote is a rules-based ESG proxy voting system hosted on Broadridge’s ProxyEdge platform.

Join Andrew Behar, Ben Linthicum, Daniel Stewart, Jaylen Spann, and Nico McCrossan to explore how the platform works and hear Linthicum, McCrossan and Spann illustrate use cases for endowments, foundations, and other asset owners looking to vote their values.


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For more information on As You Vote, please refer to the following presentation:




 Andrew Behar, CEO, As You Sow

 Learn more about Andrew




 Ben Linthicum, ESG Advisory Committee Chair, Warren Wilson College

 Learn more about Ben




 Daniel Stewart, Energy & Climate Program Manager, As You Sow

 Learn more about Daniel




 Jaylen Spann, Head of Research and Development, Whistle Stop Capital

 Learn more about Jaylen





 Nico McCrossan, ESG Analyst, ASU Enterprise Partners

Learn more about Nico




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