Amy Dine

Amy Dine, Director of Advocacy & Partner, Terra Alpha Investments

Amy leads Terra Alpha’s advocacy efforts to promote the use of Environmental Productivity in investment and business decisions - through engaging with business leaders, other investment professionals, and regulators; communicating our research through reports, presentations, and media; and partnering with like-minded institutions and experts. She also oversees our proxy voting.  

Amy spent ten years with Capital Group Companies.  As one of the global economists, she focused on OECD economies, portfolio asset allocation, and industry-specific macro research in the investment group.  She later took on environmental, social, and governance research and engagement for Capital International's institutional business as the initial ESG/SRI investment specialist, overseeing $15 billion in assets with an SRI/ESG mandate.  She joined the firm as part of The Associates Program, a select, in-house MBA-equivalent rotational program.  Prior to Capital, she was at the US Department of State.   

Just before joining Terra Alpha in May, 2015, Amy was the director of strategic development for a global non-profit and social impact business, Coexist, and then served on the board.  She is a founder of the Build Israel Palestine coalition and its initial grey-water recycling project.  She is a current member of WISE (Women for a Sustainable Economy), and is also a member of the US SIF Advisory Committee for the report on US Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investing Trends.

She holds an AB in Social Studies with honors from Harvard College.

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