Gabe Rissman

Gabe Rissman, Co-Founder, Real Impact Tracker, Former Co-Leader of the Yale Student-Managed Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund

Gabe is the Co-Founder of Real Impact Tracker (RIT), an organization seeking to help clarify the influence fund managers are having on environmental and social challenges. RIT scores and ranks funds to provide all investors a holistic barometer of fund manager impact.

Previously, Gabe was the co-leader of the Yale student-run Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund. While co-leading the fund, Gabe co-filed a 2016 shareholder resolution calling for ExxonMobil to review its lobbying activity as it relates to climate change, and presented arguments for the resolution at Exxon’s Annual Meeting. This was the first time any student-run organization filed a shareholder resolution. While leading the fund, Gabe also helped plan an inaugural conference on socially responsible investing with a focus on community and impact investing.





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