Public Equities

PRI Guidance for ESG Integration in Public Equities

Asset Management Firms

  • Aperio Group – investment management firm focused on indexing strategies, including “socially responsive” indexing that customizes portfolios to meet clients’ social, ethical, and governance standards.
  • Arabesque- fund management firm with a unique combination of a quantitative approach and values.
  • Arjuna Capital – sustainable investment management for engaged investors nationwide.
  • Boston Common Asset Management – investment manager focused on sustainable investing.
  • Brown Advisory – investment firm with sustainability focused portfolios, portfolio screening, and tailored impact portfolios.
  • Calvert Investments – investment management company with SRI products and services for institutional investors.
  • Change Finance - provides a U.S. large cap fossil fuel free ETF.
  • ClearBridge Investments - an investment firm with an ESG program designed for clients with social investment policy guidelines.
  • Gabelli ESG Fund- combine their investment philosophy with social screens and a holistic ESG analysis.
  • Generation Investment Management - long term fundamental approach, focusing on high quality companies with sustainable businesses providing products and services consistent with a low-carbon, prosperous, equitable, healthy and safe society.
  • Green Alpha – all-cap, multi-sector, global growth asset management firm focused on investing in solutions for the “Next Economy.”
  • Green Century Capital Management – investment advisor of the Green Century Funds, founded by a partnership of environmental advocacy organizations; includes two fossil fuel free funds.
  • Impax Asset Management –  investment manager dedicated to investing in the opportunities created by the scarcity of natural resources and the growing demand for cleaner, more efficient products and services, through both listed and private equity strategies.
  • Martin Investment Management- firm with four primary strategies: “Best Ideas” Growth with a Value Discipline, global Eco-Investing, international Tortue Capital™, and Martin Global Investing. Woman-owned firm.
  • Osmosis Investment Management- investment managers that use primary research to identify high-quality companies.
  • Ownership Capital - 10 year investment horizon - fundamental, long-term equity investment manager that combines fundamental company analysis with ESG integration and active engagement to achieve superior returns.
  • Parnassus Investments - investment management company that considers ESG factors as part of the investment process in all of its funds.
  • Pax World Investments – investment advisor offering a comprehensive platform of sustainable investing solutions, including separately managed accounts for institutional investors.
  • Sarasin Asset Management  - specializes in managing concentrated Global Thematic portfolios driven by a philosophy of sustainability, with ESG, climate impact analysis and stewardship fully integrated within the investment process.
  • SKBA Capital Management – investment manager that has been active in socially responsible investing for over 25 years, incorporating inclusionary & exclusionary SRI/ESG criteria into their investment process.
  • Stewart Investors - investment-led business with stewardship and sustainability at the heart of their investment philosophy and culture since 1988.
  • Terra Alpha Investments- advocacy investment firm that seeks to demonstrate that Environmentally Productive business practices enhance risk-adjusted returns for businesses and investors.
  • Trillium Asset Management – ESG-focused asset manager with fossil fuel free portfolios.
  • Walden Asset Managementoldest institutional socially responsible investment manager; the SRI practice of the Boston Trust & Investment Management Company.
  • Wellington Management- an asset management firm that believes ESG factors can drive company performance.
  • Zevin Asset Management – global investment management firm focusing stock selection on well-managed companies with sustainable business practices.

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